Credit Cards – Applying For a Nedbank Credit Card

Posted by on May 19, 2011

Applying for a Nedbank credit card is pretty much a straight-forward exercise.

You will be able to apply either online, which is both quick and simple,  or if you prefer a more personal type of service and are not too sure how to go about the online procedure, you will be able to get assistance from your nearest Nedbank branch.

There are, however a couple of things you should be aware of before you decide to apply for a Nedbank credit card.

Becoming financially flexible is important, which is what the Nedbank credit card frees you up to do; it also gives you peace of mind and offers security. These are all combined to add up to one card – the Nedbank credit card.

You will be able to use your card in no fewer than 20 million outlets worldwide and no fewer than 150 000 locally, and will be able to make all your purchases with your credit card.

Travelling or simply buying everyday things such as food or clothing; all these transactions can be carried out really easily by using your Nedbank credit card.

To qualify for your card you will need to supply Nedbank with your South African Identity Document, proof of  your employment, and proof of where you reside.

The process is a simple one, but there are certain criteria that you will have to meet.

The first and foremost is a steady stream of earnings, as you will have to pay back the credit card on a monthly basis.

Proof of employment is necessary, especially if your regular bank account is with another banking institution. Three months’ bank statements would then be necessary. If you are self-employed or a commission earner, then financials from your accountant will be necessary.

Your credit card limit is based on how much you earn every month.

Your credit history and credit ratings are also taken into consideration when applying for a Nedbank credit card.

Have all your documentation ready prior to applying for a credit card at Nedbank, as this will make the application process a lot easier.

Nebank offers all card holders a selection of credit accounts, which include the Green, Sport, Arts and Children’s Affinity credit cards.

If you would like to take advantage of all these options apply for your Nedbank credit card today.

Click here for credit a card application

10 Responses to Credit Cards – Applying For a Nedbank Credit Card

  1. tristan de wal

    What is the minimum amount you have to earn to apply for a credit card??

    Thank you
    Tristan de Wal

  2. Amos Kgaugelo Raseroka

    i want 2 apply 4 a credit card

  3. rebecca modiko

    Hi I need to apply for nedbank credit card.Please help

  4. simon

    nedbank have low charges

  5. simon

    service of nedbank is better than all banks ,that is wy i choose nedbank and its approvalb isquieck

  6. sizani Marietta Mtshali

    Would like to apply for a credit card

  7. Thokozani Methula

    I would like to apply for a credit card …………. Your responce will be highly appreciated



  9. Shamsu

    If I receive my salary in cash every month, How do I provide 3 months banking statement in this case? I do make deposits into my Nedbank savings account but it does not reflect my salary.

  10. peter maepa

    reguest for credit card to renew my home. minimum amount reguested is R10000 to R15000

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